Shop Capabilities

The latest in CNC technology

  • Our machining centers give us the flexibility to complete any machining task to the highest accuracy.
  • All of our CNC utilize the latest in high speed machining technology for fast and accurate milling in any application.
  • Large size (120” x 60” x 40”) bridge type CNC machine allows for die-set machining and other large programs.
  • Probing and laser measuring for accurate and fast setup

Advanced machining

  • High speed machining as part of a broad machining strategy.
  • Hard milling after heat treatment for quality and accuracy of die components.
  • 5-axis machining center for reduced lead times on complex assemblies. (cam stations, deep-draw dies, etc.)
  • Industry leading CAM software for accurate, fast and reliable machining. (WorkNC, Mastercam)
  • Highly trained operators and programmers skilled in all parts of die building.

Manufacturing solutions

  • Implementation of a water-jet cutting machine speeds up the developing and die building process.
  • The roll-out tank (100” x 50”) allows for fast setup.
  • A high pressure intensifier pump for cutting of up to 4” thick steel plate.

Complete EDM

  • Next generation EDM technology facilitates fast cutting of die steels.